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Hula Dancers: What Are The Benefits Of Being One?

Every spring, hula dance is being celebrated by people with regards to the Hawaii culture. Nowadays, it is often performed for entertainment, most especially in festivals and formal gatherings. What makes it special than others is that this dance is more than just hula dancers swaying their hips. Instead, it also conveys the meaning or story behind a particular song.

Hula is the storytelling dance of the Hawaiian Islands. This dance can either be paired with fast or energetic music, or slow and sentimental tempos. And just like the Hawaiian culture, once you learn more about it, much deeper, more powerful, and empowering truths may be revealed.

Thanks to various professional instructors of hula dancing today, mastering this art form have become much easier. If you want to know why you should try this out for yourself, here are some of its major benefits:

Boosts oxygen supply

When it comes to hula dance, there are lots of dynamic steps that are considered as forms of aerobic exercise. As your oxygen supply increases, your muscles also get more oxygen, which is great in soothing your sore or painful muscles.

Helps relieve stress

Hula dancing can keep your mind off your worries as it can bring you fun and energy with its upbeat songs and movements. By getting distracted throughout the session, and merely focusing on swaying your body to the beat, it can really help minimise stress and reset your mind.

Improves rhythm and coordination

Just like with any kinds of dance, you have to keep up with the beat of the hula dance. It is essential that hula dancers feel the beat in every part of their body. Whether you’re moving your hands, tapping your feet or simply following the beat, hula dance is the type of dance that will challenge your coordination and improve your body’s natural rhythm.

Lubricates your joints

Hula dance involves some pretty rigorous movements, which in addition to being demanding on your cardiovascular system, helps your joints stay healthy. When you move your joints, your body releases more water, and this spread over the cartilage surfaces. As a result, your cartilage will be covered with lubricating fluid as your joints move into a full range of motion.

Introduce a new culture

Hula dancing develops cultural awareness and respect, especially for foreigners trying this art dance. By doing this dance, you can get familiar with Hawaiian words as they interpret the lyrics of the songs and chants into dance.

Challenges your brain

Hula dance challenges your brain. The brainpower you need to access for dance, specifically, requires you to focus on both the constant changing of movement and recalling moves and patterns. This makes it a perfect mental exercise for your mind, too, no matter what your age is.

Can be a social activity

Some may want to dance without anyone seeing them, but it’s always better to dance with companies. When you join the hula dancing class with friends, your kids or your grandkids, being around other people while dancing is good for your social and emotional health.

No age limit

When it comes to hula dancing, there are no rules when it comes to age, unlike other forms of exercise. Participants range from toddlers to retirees; anyone can join in and enjoy the experience.

Improve balance and coordination

Hula dance can be good in lessening the risk of falling incidents, especially for the ageing population as it has a series of balance tests.

The movements taught in hula dance sessions heighten body awareness and encourage low-impact landings. These are not only useful for dancers on stage to perform gracefully, but even for athletes who play impact sports, children developing motor skills, and adults concerned about injuries.

Reverse the ageing process

Hula dancing is good for the heart as it provides you with enough cardio. It improves circulation, increases respiration, strengthens your muscles and bones, all while keeping your joints flexible. These things combined is what gives you the dancer’s glow! With hula dancing, you can have fun and not worry about ageing.

Considering all the benefits of hula dancing listed above, it’s no doubt that learning this art form is certainly worth your money and time. Not only can it bring entertainment to you, but it can also boost your physical and mental health. Whether you make it your hobby or simply want to try it out, this dance can surely bring you a good time. So take your friends or loved ones with you, and experience the beauty and heritage of Hawaii culture through this dance. Just make sure that you acquire the best instructor for this so you can be as good as those professional hula dancers right away.

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